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Friday 1st November 2024

WDSF World Championship Under 21 Ten Dance 
Open Juvenile Ten Dance
Open Junior Ten Dance 
Open Youth Ten Dance 
WDSF Senior II Standard 
WDSF Senior III Standard 
WDSF Senior IV Standard 
Open Senior V Standard 

Saturday 2nd November 2024

WDSF World Championship Senior III Latin 
Open Juvenile Standard 
Open Junior I Standard 
WDSF Junior II Standard 
WDSF Youth Latin 
WDSF Adult Ten Dance  
Open Solo Juvenile Latin 
Open Solo Junior Latin
Open Solo Youth Latin
Open Solo Adult Latin 
Open Solo Senior Latin 

Sunday 3rd November 2024

Open Juvenile Latin 
Open Junior I Latin 
WDSF Junior II Latin 
WDSF Youth Standard 
WDSF Senior II Latin
WDSF Senior III Latin
Open Senior IV Latin  
Open Solo Juvenile Standard 
Open Solo Junior Standard
Open Solo Youth Standard
Open Solo Adult Standard 
Open Solo Senior Standard

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